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Virtual Orchard is a small family run business based in Old Wolverton, to the North West of Milton Keynes.

In 2009 we produced our first ‘East Anglian’* style dry cider using fruit harvested from private trees, and the remnants of forgotten orchards, in and around Stony Stratford, Wolverton Mill, and other villages in North Buckinghamshire and South Northamptonshire, and all within a 15 mile radius of Milton Keynes.  All of this fruit would otherwise have been left to go to waste, but now produces wonderfully fruity, fresh and traditional products.

The Virtual Orchard is now made up of over 60 locations, possibly as many as 100, in and around Milton Keynes which are home to anything from a single tree up to 90 trees. All bar one of these orchards are privately owned and none of the trees been treated with herbicides or pesticides. The fruit therefore, and the cider, are as natural as they could possibly be... just as nature intended. 

Since those early days we have extended our range of ciders. To do this we needed more fruit so in 2012 we started working closely with a nearby small commercial orchard which produces high quality fruit. This partnership allows us to add new and exciting ciders to our range, including some single varietal limited edition ciders. 

Another partnership, this time with the Milton Keynes Parks Trust, gave us the opportunity to bring back to life an old cider apple orchard at Woughton on the Green in the heart of Milton Keynes. With almost 300 trees and 7 different cider apple varieties, this partnership has allowed us to bring a 'West Country' ** style cider to the range. 

Not wishing to sit back and let the grass grow, we have extended our range of products still further with 'proper' apple juice, apple & beetroot juice, mead and apple brandy. Future products, already on the way, include sparkling cider and sparkling elderflower.


* 'East Anglian' or 'Eastern' style cider is cider produced from culinary and desert apples

** 'West Country' style cider is cider produced from apples specifically cultivated for making cider. Characterised by higher sugars and tannins these apples also do not taste particularly pleasant until fermented into cider

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