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Wharf Distillery ApplesWharf Distillery Apples

Our Hard Core cider is very special in that all of the apples that go into making it are harvested from the private gardens and orchards in and around Milton Keynes and South Northamptonshire. This gives the cider a unique character all of its own, and makes it a true community cider.

So how does it work?

Well, anybody who has spare apples that might otherwise go to waste can bring them along to our deli in Potterspury and simply leave them beside the doors. If we are there then we will give you some cider in exchange for your apples. 

What should I put the apples in?

The simple answer is anything, but we do provide green net sacks at our shop (usually by the cidery doors) which you are welcome to take away what you need to fill with apples.

Will any apples do?

Any variety of apples are suitable including cooking apples, Windfalls are fine however they need to be in reasonable condition. The general guidance is:

  • No rotten apples
  • No mouldy apples
  • No stalks or twiggy bits
  • Not too many leaves or mud
  • Less than 20% bruising
  • Scabbed or cankered apples are fine so long as they otherwise meet the above criteria

Free Net Sacks from Wharf DistilleryFree Net Sacks from Wharf Distillery

How much cider or juice do I get?

For every one of our green net sacks full of apples (around 20-25Kg) you get a bottle of our cider. If you happen to bring lots of sacks then we may offer you cider in a larger 4.5 pint container. 

What if you're not there when we bring the apples?

Not to worry. Just leave the apples and send us a text or email with your name and how many net sacks (or equivalent) you have left. Then, next time you are passing, please call in to collect your bottles. It is difficult to say exactly when we will be there as, like you, we will often be out picking our own apples, but of course you can always contact us beforehand to find out when we are around.

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