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Check out the kit on the right and then give us a call on 07901 800182 to discuss your requirements

Altrernatively, contact us by using the form here.

If you would like us to bring a small press to your event to do some pressing then you can also hire a person with the press. Call us for more details and to discuss your needs. 




sqzme Juicing Service & Press Hire

40L Hydropress & Centrifugal Mill40L Hydropress & Centrifugal Mill

If you have your fruit and would like to make your own juice, cider, fruit presses or cordials, then we have a range of equipment for hire:

For large quantities of fruit (40Kg or more) we have a superbly simple and efficient 40 litre hydropress with compatible crusher (see left) available for hire by the day. The crusher is a 2200w mains powered machine capable of crushing up to a tonne of fruit per hour. Apples are simply put whole in the top and a good fine pulp is created by rotating steel blades. 

The hydropress works by putting the crushed apple pulp around a central rubber bladder. Once the lid is then firmly screwed down, the bladder is inflated with water by connecting the hose to your home water supply. Each pressing requires around 30Kg of apples and will yield 15-18 litres of juice. 3-4 pressings per hour are easily achievable and up to a tonnes of apples could be comfortably pressed in one day.

Although ideal for individual households, this kit would also be great when hired by communities to press fruit from multiple households, e.g. at a village apple day.

HIRE COST £50 per day (minimum hire is 1 day)
£100 cash deposit required

5.5L spindle press5.5L spindle press

If you have less than 40Kg of fruit then the smaller 5.5L spindle press and associated manual crusher (bucket and 2x2 inch timber post) are an ideal combination. Simply cut your apples into half, fill the bucket and smash to a pulp with the post. Fill the spindle press bucket about two thirds full and then wind down the press. Each pressing will yield around 1.5 to 2 litres of scrummy juice.

HIRE COST £20 per day (minimum hire is 1 day)
£100 cash deposit required

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